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​Epling Illustrations
This page is for authors who already have a publisher for their title, but have the opportunity of selecting their own illustrator.

If you are an author with a story, but currently do not have a publisher for your title, then please visit the 'Help to Publish Your Book' page for services available that will best fit your needs. CLICK to the right.​​

The first step is determined by how detailed the instructions are for your work. Often a publisher, along with the author(s), will present guidelines as to how they would like for the story to be illustrated. My job is to take those guidelines (if any), and create a 'cost projection' for the entire job.

Should no directions be provided, then we would need to decide certain details during this step such as the number of illustrations needed, the medium being used (should there be color), and the general layout for the interior pages.

Cover art is a separate portion, but will be covered within the cost projection if needed.​​ ​​ 
Step two encompasses all the details concerning the content of your book as possible. This is also the stage where character design, setting design, and color application is introduced.

As a part of the services available to authors, sketches, or 'mock-ups' of the design elements are provided. Authors approve of the design for their characters, their setting, and other aspects of their story.

Examples of the color application (if there is color) is also provided.​​ 
The third step in the illustration process is providing a 'thumb-nail' storyboard for review. A layout showing each page of your book is created. With this, you are able to see how the elements of the design works from start to end: Where the placement of the text will be on each page, how the characters will be placed, where double-spreads will be (if any), etc. The storyboard is a very rough 'mock-up' of how the book will appear once printed.

Feedback during this process is also necessary. ​​The author may want to move certain elements around, or change a page's composition all together. 
Once all the elements of design are agreed upon, the next step is producing the artwork for your book. Before the start of the actual finished page, the pencilled version is sent to the author for one final approval.

When approved, production begins on the work. The author is sent the final, finished page via email. This process is repeated until all of the book's interior pages are complete.

A similar process happens with the development / production​​​​ of the book's cover design (if applicable). 

Every book is different. Some require color, some do not. Some have many characters, others only a few. Many factors are taken into consideration when creating the 'cost projection' for a project. In order
for a cost projection to be created for your book, we will need to gather this type of information from you via email.

Send your request for a cost projection to

Payments are set up based on the number of illustrations needed to complete your book. A 10% deposit is required prior to the start of the actual production.
for YOUR
Below are examples of storyboard design, and character design, for clients. 
Contract Eligibility 

As a member of the Graphics Artist's Guild, and member of the Southeast Society of Children's Book Illustrators, I take very special consideration concerning every and all work that I might accept. Since my name will be attached to a body of work, I am selective as to what types of stories I enter into a contract with. 

Factors that are considered when taking on a new client are: The general message of a story, the motivation on behalf of the individual to seek publishing, intentions  concerning how the title will be used once published. ​​
Illustrator Questionnaire
Prior to talks concerning production of any given  title, I ask all non-traditional publishing industry clients to answer a few questions concerning their work. These questions assist in gaining a better understanding of the entirety of your needs. Please look over the 9 questions below so that we can talk about them during your primary consultation.
Thank you.​