“I am thankful to all those who said no to me. It’s because of them that I did it myself.” -Albert Einstein
'Salubrious Soup' : Started in 2012. Autobiographical Comic Strip. Published within various newspapers, such as North of Center, The Kentucky Kernel, Appalachian News Express, Modern Mountain Magazine, and The Mingo Messenger.  
**   Reader's of  "SOUP"  who are from East Kentucky will notice that I use a lot of landmarks, cultural references, and story-content related to our region; Such as the 'Breaks Interstate Park' in Elkhorn City, KY, and the now-closed 'Jerry's Restaurant'  in Pikeville, KY.
Please Note: Published versions of the 'Salubrious Soup' comic-strips, and segments from the graphic novel 'Carbide Bottom', aren't listed below. These series have their own section here on the website.. 
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Christopher Epling
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Please Note: I had to use examples of three of these comics printed in other newspapers due to not having a scan of those particular comics from 'The Colonel".
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Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist, Joel Pett.
In October 2016 I started work again as an editorial cartoonist for the Appalachian News-Express with plans to submit work once a week, but after the purchase of the Floyd County Times and the Hazard Herald by the Appalachian News-Express, I am now submitting one editorial each week to each paper.

Below are the editorials that have appeared in the newspapers from earliest, to the most current. I post a cartoon a week late in respect to the newspapers running the editorial. Please visit these newspaper's websites and consider purchasing a subscription. ​​ 
Russ Cassady
Appalachian News Express
Pikeville, KY​​​
ALL newer editorial cartoons are included as a slideshow. Scroll through to see them below. 
Epling Grandparents ANE 09.09.17
Epling Officials Hazrd 09.09.17
Epling Schools Floyd 09.09.17
Epling Hazard Schools 09.02
Epling Floyd Pumpkin 09.02.17
Epling ANE RCC Big Shoal 09.02.17
Epling Graves ANE 08.26.17
Epling Floyd Middle Age 08.26.17
Elping Hazard PIlls
Epling Floyd Eclipse 08.19.17
Epling Eclipse Hazard 08.19.17
Epling ANE Eclipse 08.19.17
Epling SOAR Floyd 08.12.17
Epling ANE School 08.12.17
HH Epling Bonds 08.05.17
FCCT Epling Delay School 08.05.17
ANE Epling Sapling 08.05.17
ANE Epling Shade b 07.22.17
Epling Lasagna 07.29.17
Epling Tourists ANE 09.30.17
Epling HH Tax Increase 09.30.17
Epling Floyd Harness Racing 09.30.17
ANE Hazard EPA Epling 10.21.17
ANE Distric Judge 10.07.17
Floyd Give Thanks 11.22.17
Hazard Troops Epling 11.25.17
ANE Property Tax Epling 11.25.17
epling floyd wrapping 11.29.17
epling hazard 11.29.17
epling shop local ANE 12.02.17
Epling Floyd Conn ver 2 12.13.17
hazard epling ice skating 12.16.17
Epling ANE Reason for Season
Epling Hazard Alcohol Tax 12.30.17
Epling Floyd New Year 12.30.17
Epling ANE Expo 12.30.17
Epling ANE Sloth 01.06.18
Epling Hazard Cold 01.03.18
Epling Floyd Board Game 01.03.18
Epling Hazard KY Power 01.24.18
Epling Floyd Trust but Verify 01.23.18
Epling ANE Big Shoal 01.27.18.jpg
Epling ANE UMG 02.17.18
Epling Floyd PHS 02.14.18
Epling Hazard Water 02.15.18
Epling Occupational 03.03.18
Epling Floyd Big Pharma 02.28.18
Epling Hazard Line in the Sand
Epling ANE  Litter 03.10.18
Epling Floyd Water
Epling Hazard Girl Scouts
Epling Hazard 50th 03.14.18
Epling ANE Lyons 03.17.18
Epling Floyd Annex 03.17.18
ANE Blue Line Epling 03.17.18
Epling Hazard Pensions 03.21.18
ANE Epling Fiscal Court 03.24.18
Epling Floyd 03.21.18 Pensions
Epling Hazard Pensions 03.21.18
Epling Easter ANE 03.31.18
Hazard Easter 03.28.18
Floyd Pension 03.28.18
Hazard 04.04.18 Epling Drone
Epling ANE 04.07.18
Floyd Epling 04.06.18 Budget
Epling RCC 04.14.18
Epling Floyd Eleanor 04.11.18
Epling Hazard Casa 04.11.18
Epling Floyd Allen 04.17.18
Epling Hazard Morel Mushrooms 04.18.18
Epling ANE 04.21.18
Epling HB Days Gone 04.28.18
Epling Hazard Senior Prom 04.25.18
Epling Floyd Pike Strong
Epling ANE STEM 06.30.18
Epling Floyd Opry 06.26.18
Epling Hazard Wall 06.26.18
floyd july
ane july
hazard july
Epling Woofstock Floyd 07.27.18
Epling Hazard Bash 08.01.18
Epling Floyd Ambulance 07.31.18
Epling ANE JObs
Epling Hazard Shelter 08.08.18
Epling Floyd Water 08.07.18
Epling ANE Discount 08.11.18
Epling Hazard Meth 08.15.18
Epling Floyd Meth 08.18.18
Epling ANE Gen Election 08.18.18
Epling Hazard Wooly Adelgid 08.22.18
Epling Floyd Subscription 08.22.18
Epling ANE Grown Up Talk 08.25.18
epling hazard hctc 09.12.18
epling floyd russell may 09.15.18
epling ane op-ed 09.15.18
Epling Hazard HazART 09.25.18
Epling Floyd Town Hall 09
Epling ANE Tax 09.29.18
Epling Hazard Water 10.18.18
Epling Floyd Festival 10.17.18
Epling ANE Commissioners 10.20.18
Epling Hazard Political Signs 11.13.18
Epling Flyd election 11.13.18
Elping ANE Decisions 11.17.18
epling hazard shop locl 11.27.18
epling floyd water 11.27.18
epling ane rcc shoal check advance 12.01.18
Epling Pike Missing Mack
Epling Hazard Cram a Cruiser 12.12.18
Epling Floyd Survival Kit
epling hazard Christmas 12.18.18
epling Floyd Christopher 12.18.18
epling ANE Christmas 12.22.18
Epling Hazard Shopping 12.29.18
Epling Floyd tree 12.26.18
Epling ANE Santa Trash 12.29.18
epling hazard water 02.20.19
epling HAZARD slides
epling FLOYD martin mayor
epling ANE water 03.02.19
epling ane lettuce 02.26.19
epling hazard slides 03.05.19
epling floyd marting again 03.05.19
epling ANE landfill and golf course 03.09.19
epling hazard sunshine week ver 2 03.12.19
epling floyd sunshine week 03.12.19
epling ANE sunshine week ver 2 03.16.19
epling Hazard Stroke Awareness 05.22.19
epling floyd 05.21.19
epling ANE Fishtrap 05.25.19