“I am thankful to all those who said no to me. It’s because of them that I did it myself.” -Albert Einstein
'Salubrious Soup' : Started in 2012. Autobiographical Comic Strip. Published within various newspapers, such as North of Center, The Kentucky Kernel, Appalachian News Express, Modern Mountain Magazine, and The Mingo Messenger.  
**   Reader's of  "SOUP"  who are from East Kentucky will notice that I use a lot of landmarks, cultural references, and story-content related to our region; Such as the 'Breaks Interstate Park' in Elkhorn City, KY, and the now-closed 'Jerry's Restaurant'  in Pikeville, KY.
Please Note: Published versions of the 'Salubrious Soup' comic-strips, and segments from the graphic novel 'Carbide Bottom', aren't listed below. These series have their own section here on the website.. 
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Please Note: I had to use examples of three of these comics printed in other newspapers due to not having a scan of those particular comics from 'The Colonel".
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Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist, Joel Pett.
In October 2016 I started work again as an editorial cartoonist for the Appalachian News-Express with plans to submit work once a week, but after the purchase of the Floyd County Times and the Hazard Herald by the Appalachian News-Express, I am now submitting one editorial each week to each paper.

Below are the editorials that have appeared in the newspapers from earliest, to the most current. I post a cartoon a week late in respect to the newspapers running the editorial. Please visit these newspaper's websites and consider purchasing a subscription. ​​ 
Russ Cassady
Appalachian News Express
Pikeville, KY​​​
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