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This page is reserved for writers who currently do not have a publisher for their work, but would like to be a published author.

The services available below range from simply publishing your title in print​​, to establishing your very own publishing 'imprint' (sole proprietorship or company) to showcase your title(s).

Please review all of the available publishing packages prior to contacting EplingIllustrations@gmail.com.​​
Is 'Independent Publishing', or 'Self-Publishing', Really Worth It?
Becoming a published author isn’t easy. Traditional publishing routes can take years to fulfill, and many authors today are taking a different approach than submitting their manuscripts to large publishing houses, and then waiting months for a reply (if any come). In fact, there has been a major increase with individuals taking matters into their own hands, and starting their own publishing imprint from which their titles will be available. One of the most recent examples is Carol Aebersold’s “Elf on the Shelf”. Carol tried endlessly to get her story picked up by a major publishing house, but none showed any interest. She eventually hired a very talented illustrator (Coe Steinwart) and self-published her title. The rest is, well, as they say, history.
Here is a breakdown of all the services you will find on this page, provided by Epling Illustrations.

It is your choice as to how many of these services you would like to include.

Choosing all of these services is known as the 'Imprint Package'.​​​​
Publishing Service Package 'Option A', the "Imprint Package", offers the complete publishing services available from Epling Illustrations.

From Initial Consultation, to the creation of your very own website (from where you will handle all your e-commerce and online sales), this package enables you to become your very own publishing 'imprint'.​​​​

Your story is carefully designed, then illustrated, and published while meeting all the requirements from Bowker Book Identifiers, the Library of Congress, and cataloged under it's very own ISBN number.

You will choose the name of your publishing 'imprint', from which a professional business logo will be created, and used on all stationary materials for book distribution, your website, and as on printed items such as business cards, and letterheads as well. ​​​​

To see an example of the "Imprint Package", please visit www.powellwagnerbooks.com!​​
Option A
A major misconception is the difference between a ‘printed book’, and a ‘published book’. Just because someone prints a story, even if it’s bound in the nicest binding money can buy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the story is 'published'. A story is only considered ‘published’ when certain industry criteria are met. The criteria needed isn’t common knowledge. but that's where Epling Illustrations comes in. This is why the experience and knowledge of someone who has worked in the publishing industry is so vital. 

The ‘publishing process’ goes far beyond printing a book with the criteria required by the Library of Congress, and Bowker Book Identifiers. With my services, I can help you in setting up your own e-commerce storefront in the form of a website. From there, your publishing imprint will be listed online. With this you will be in charge of your distribution, and marketing. My services also enable you to have your title listed on the Barnes and Noble online small press department catalog, goodreads.com, and amazon.com. There is a package available to you where you will also have your own ‘publishing imprint’ logo created, which will then be used on all your letterhead, business cards, and a multitude of other print related materials. With my marketing tools, you will be able to send out ‘press kits’ to the media concerning your title. Having news articles written about your work is a great way to bring attention to your title. Radio, TV, and online blogging are other avenues that I will assist you in reaching out to. If you are a regional based author in Central Appalachia, then using my services will also enable you to participate in regional events for published authors, including the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort -KY, the Kentucky Reading Association Annual Book Fair, The Kentucky Council of English Teachers Association Annual Event, as well as book signings at libraries, brick and mortar stores, etc. You may also choose to participate in school events, where you would visit the school as an author and share your story with the students.
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***Please Note: Things such as your preferred medium for your illustrations, and illustration style, are all covered within the 'Initial Consultation" phase of development. 
*** PLEASE NOTE: Graphic Design Services for your exterior cover, general layout, interior print-ready pages, website, print material, etc. are covered within the 'Books Arrive / Website & Imprint Creation' portion of your services.

Pricing for cover Illustration Services, and Graphic Design Services, for novels ​​are offered on a 'Three-Tiered' system.

As you can see by the examples above, choices range from basic 'Vector Art' design, to full 'Original Artwork' for your book cover choices.​​
Perhaps you are interested in publishing your story, but you aren't interested in establishing your very own 'publishing imprint'.
Option B
Publishing Service Package 'Option B', the "Illustration Package", focuses on services that will take your written story, and bring that to life through published pages of a book. 

Your story is carefully designed, then illustrated, and published while meeting all the requirements from Bowker Book Identifiers, the Library of Congress, and cataloged under it's very own ISBN number.

This Package Includes: Initial phone consultation with client, Copy Editing of Text, Communication with illustrator, Formatting of images, Layout of Book, Free ISBN number, creation of proof copy of book, registration of title on Amazon.com for sale, Title listed on Barnes and Noble Small Press Department online catalog, Professionally designed cover, and... an opportunity to sign as spotlighted author at the Kentucky Book Fair (if KY author).

As author, you will be incorporated into the illustration process, which will ensure that the product resembles your vision for your book. This process is broken down into steps, and is listed under the 'Storyboard and Design' phase. Details as to how this works can be found just below the graphic below.​​ 

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The process below is also the same process for all services requiring illustrations / design
Option B
Option A
Your BOOK coming to life is closer than you THINK!
First, we discuss your book. I am interested in hearing what inspired you to create the story, and what you hope to do with the book once it's released. I want to learn how you see the characters in your own mind, and any and all details about the story that you would like to include in the illustrations (details that might not always be​​ found in black and white through the text). We will also talk about any particular illustration styles you prefer (if any).
Second, we begin the process of designing the look of the characters, setting, and other elements of your story. This step is one of the most exciting and enjoyable portions of the development of your book (second to receiving the finished pages, and ultimately receiving the first batch of copies from the printer).

​​​​​​​​​Designing your characters means that I will send you various sketches based on your descriptions. You will then select certain elements that you prefer, and suggest other elements that we should leave out. This process is continued until you are satisfied with how your characters appear.​​​​​​​​
"A book that changed the way I look at illustration, and book design, is Uri Shulevitz's 'Writing with Pictures'.

With every title I work on, I take the responsibility of my contribution to the story very seriously. Details that others might not think about are foremost in my mind while putting the layout of your book together. This process goes far beyond simply drawing pictures. I try to design the entire book as it's own experience...​​ from the cover, to the last page.

Third, a storyboard is created. With this, you are able to see how the illustrations will appear in order throughout your book. The storyboard is a very rough version of how the elements of the finished page will appear on the finished page. This step is open for changes as well, which may result in elements being moved around, a 'double-spread' being placed at a certain location, etc. Your approval is necessary before moving on (as it is with every stage).
Fourth, after approval for the storyboard, we will then begin the process of creating the finished pages for your book. 

You will receive the pencilled version of the finished page via email for approval. Once you give the 'go-ahead', then the page will be colored (if you choose to use color) using the preferred medium selected during the 'Initial Consultation".

The choice of your preferred medium affects many aspects to the overall 'Cost Projection' for your book. As you can imagine, watercolor takes longer than digital coloring... or, colored pencil might not take as long as oil paint. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Once the page is completed, then the illustration is scanned into the computer. At this point, the image is brought into programs such as 'Adobe Illustrator', and 'Adobe Photoshop', in order to be processed.

Each image has to be set up based on requirements from the printer.​​ 
Option C
Option A
Option B
Perhaps you are interested in publishing your story, but you aren't interested in establishing your very own 'publishing imprint'.
Option A
Option C
Publishing Service Package 'Option C', the "Marketing Package", focuses on establishing your publishing imprint (sole proprietorship or company). This package is reserved for writers/authors who currently already have titles ready for distribution / sale. 

This package requires graphic design services, where a logo and 'brand' will be created that best represents your work as a whole.​​ This 'logo' will then be applied for business cards, flyers, and press-releases concerning your work.

The Marketing Package also supplies the author with their own e-commerce ​​website where their titles will be available for purchase (using PayPal for transactions). The website will have a custom URL, using the name of the author's publishing imprint for example. Along with their online storefront, other options are available; you own blog, picture gallery of events, calendar for events, social media links, etc.

A very simple social media launch will also be implemented for this package, where either existing social media pages will be updated, or, new social media accounts created (this is entirely at the discretion of the author as to which social media platforms they prefer).​​  

The Marketing Package also assists the author with establishing themselves within regional author circuits of events; such as book signings, annual state-based literary events, school visits pertaining to their work, and speaking engagements centering around areas related to the content, or genre, or their work.

Print-related materials are also available; combining pre-existing images and themed content related to the characters and settings used in the author's book. These include table-runners for signings, poster stand-ups for table display, merchandise for sale or promotional giveaways, bookmarks, magnets, t-shirts, etc.

The Marketing Package will also provide authors with the means to see which approach to marketing best suits their needs, and how to foster the growth of their work to the next level.​​
See example of the available custom websites for authors by visiting PowellWagnerBooks.com
Once services are complete for the "Illustration Package", you will be able to share copies of your book with the world!
The cost projection for each project varies depending on the services selected, the time it will take to complete the project, and many other aspects belonging to your needs. 

In order to obtain a cost projection for your project, it is necessary that we have some basic correspondence first.

Please send an introductory email to EplingIllustrations@gmail.com to begin this process. With that email, please state which services you are most interested in, and a little bit about the type of book you have in mind.

Payment plans and details concerning cost can only be provided once certain questions are answered, and this initial correspondence is conducted.           ​​​​
How Much Does All This Cost?
Contract Eligibility
As a member of the Graphics Artist's Guild, and member of the Southeast Society of Children's Book Illustrators, I take very special consideration concerning every and all work that I might accept. Since my name will be attached to a body of work, I am selective as to what types of stories I enter into a contract with.

Factors that are considered when taking on a new client are: The general message of a story, the motivation on behalf of the individual to seek publishing, intentions concerning how the title will be used once published. ​​
Illustrator Questionnaire
Prior to talks concerning production of any given title, I ask all non-traditional publishing industry clients to answer a few questions concerning their work. These questions assist in gaining a better understanding of the entirety of your needs. Please look over the 9 questions below so that we can talk about them during your primary consultation.
Thank you.​